2 Midterm Exams @ 100 pts. each 200
1 Final Exam @ 100 pts. 100
Total Lecture 300


Individual Participation and Performance - 25 pts
3 Progress reports @ 25 pts. ea. - 75 pts
Final Project Report and Presentation - 100 pts
Total Laboratory 200



Course Policies:

I will attempt to cover the materials as listed above and on the time schedule allotted. However, I reserve the right to modify or revise the content of the course as we proceed. In any case, the exams will be given on the dates as listed above, and will cover all topics through the last lecture before the exam. The exams are not comprehensive, except for the final, of which 2/3 of the exam will cover the material since the previous exam and the remainder will cover material from the previous two exams. The final will also include concepts and principles from the laboratory portion of the course (included in the 2/3 portion). My policy for makeup exams is that they may be composed of longer essay-type questions, and, at my discretion, may be oral (especially those of the laboratory).
I intend that you read the assigned chapters before the scheduled lectures in order to derive the maximum benefit from the lecture process.

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